Deeper Still (the experience)

10 Sep

Friday – lunch time – loaded up a group of gals and headed south, thinking that we knew what we were fixin’ to get into. We were anticipating with excitment what we would experience, knowing it would be wonderful and He who is Wonderful did not disappoint. 

Picture this if you will, 23,000 God-lovin gals, a sports arena, three off-the-charts awesome women’s speakers and two make-you-fall-to-the-ground worship leaders.  Add to that an  “American Idol” (I don’t care what the judges said) and you just might start to get it.  Mix it together with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and its almost more than this body of flesh could contain. 

Priscilla, Beth and Kay taught us, encouraged us, and took us on a journey that led us “Deeper Still” into the welcoming presence of Jesus Christ – our Messiah.  Whew, have to stop for just a moment on that one.

We laughed, we cried, we went WOW!  Scripture reference was basically, 2 Samuel 11-13, (with many side trips of course).  I just have to know the ears of King David (the man after God’s own heart)  had to be burning.  But if he could hear it, he would have been saying “listen up girls”.  I can’t even begin to put in words what I took from this weekend.  I am not sure that I really KNOW everything I took from this weekend, –I am still soaking.  However, I do know this—we did NOT leave the same way we came.

If you were there, enjoy the pictures and let yourself get all chill bumpy again.  If you weren’t there, wish you had been and I hope you will still enjoy.


One Response to “Deeper Still (the experience)”

  1. Susan September 10, 2007 at 3:35 am #

    Looks like you all had an AWESOME time! I wish I had been there!

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