Another step in the journey

27 Aug

Today’s word for me is Proverbs 16:9. 

College boy came home this weekend and it was so wonderful just to see him.  I know it was only a week, but this is a different type of separation.  This is very not like he was gone for a week at camp.  He was gone on the first week of beginning HIS life.  A good, dear, precious friend and I connected for a moment last night at church and I could tell she was feeling exactly like I was.  I wondered how long we would be like this.  I know she is going at it hard mainly to stay occupied—-and for the first time in months all the laundry at my house is done.  It’s like she said, “I thought I was okay, that I could handle it, but (tearing up) this starts again”.  I can SOO relate.  When College Boy left to go back yesterday (and going him back is harder than us leaving him behind and coming home) I just could not keep from crying.  Poor kid.  He knows I am having such a hard time.  He called home four times last night.  Actually, I could tell he was having a little bit of struggle himself. 

Transition……. it tends to make us grumpy, excited, sad, hopeless, hopeful, anxious, joyful, all at different moments.  I really don’t like this emotional roller coaster and will be glad when things level out a bit.  Until that happens, I beg patience.



One Response to “Another step in the journey”

  1. BE August 27, 2007 at 8:35 pm #

    I read that scripture this morning and thought how awesome that is. I’m still struggling with some feelings and attitudes with my kid #1. I have to trust God to take care of him and give me peace.


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