The inevitable moment approaches

12 Aug

Well girls, I am sitting here writing this when the rest of you are probably getting ready to start Sunday School.  Hubbie of mine was on praise team this morning and had to leave early which means I had to wake up to the alarm—not something I do well because I’m really fond of the snooze button. 

I barely remember it going off and I am sure I hit the snooze with the best of intentions except it never went off again.  (maybe time for a new clock?)   When I DID wake up I had such a monster headache that I didn’t move.  The reason for my headache was yesterday:

Saturday we took a little road trip and went to visit my sister in BG – where Kid#1 will be going next weekend.  Brother #1 came and visited and we shopped a little, went out to eat, and visited at her home.  It was a good time.  She gave Kid#1 the code to their garage so he could get in whenever he wanted to do laundry, get something to eat, etc., etc.  They told him if things didn’t work out with the roomate, he was welcome to come to their extra bedroom whenever he liked.  I think that was very reassuring for him because the whole idea of rooming with a stranger hasn’t been to great for him (or me either).  It was a big help for me to remember that he is not moving away to a place where he knows no one.  On the way home my dear sweet man was very comforting, even though we both are a bit blue over all this “kid leaving home” stuff.  I had made the statement that I really thought the trip yesterday was for AJ’s sake and that he should be more confident now.

Well, here it comes—–I was in bed reading a book last night and an inaudible voice spoke to me so loud I nearly fell out of the bed.  It said, the trip today wasn’t for AJ, it was for you.  I want you to let him go now.  (I am about to choke now just writing this.)  Well,  the dam burst and the flood came.  I cried and cried and cried.  Hubbie came in and he cried.  (are we a couple of wusses of what?)  Finally hubbie had gained composure and was ready to attempt sleep, but I was still restless, so I went to the couch.  Note:  sleeping on the couch does not make for good sleep and you wake up in a state of temporary paralysis.  Hence, the monster headache.  I am sure the service was wonderful (it always is on the Sunday you miss).  Please, I am really asking for prayer support this week.  (This is the last one before he leaves because I think he will choose to do the MasterPlan.) I even feel sick right now.  Please pray that I can do this week with joy and excitement.  It is soooo hard to push my first little bird out of the nest.



2 Responses to “The inevitable moment approaches”

  1. SC August 12, 2007 at 10:33 pm #

    Oh Cindy, I was worried about you this morning and missed seeing you. I am so sorry that this week is going to be so hard but please rest assured that you are being lifted in prayer and God WILL get you through this.

    Let me know what day is the actual day of first flight and we will go out for breakfast or lunch or anything. My shoulder is always free!

    Love you!


  2. Cj August 13, 2007 at 3:21 am #

    Bless you heart–I love you so much!

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