1 Aug

Today was a marathon shopping day.  I had promised Kid #2 that we would have a back to school day just for him, so hubbie and I did just that.  First stop was KOHLS.  I just LOVE that store.  I got dorm stuff that Kid #1 actually likes!!! 🙂  New bedroom stuff for Kid #2 (he is claiming the other bedroom as of tomorrow).  Lots of back to school clothes for #2 (boy is he going to a different style this year—guess its the senior thing).  Towels and washcloths were buy one get one free!!!!  Almost every single thing was 1/2 off or greater.  It was wonderful! 

Next, we did lunch (early supper) at Red Lobster – #2’s choice and got a very sad phone call while we were there.  One of the friends we visited on Saturday went to be with Jesus today.  After a brave fight, he made the decision to have all tubes removed—according to the call, he died about 15 minutes later. 

Then Hobby Lobby (okay that was not a back to school stop).  DJ went and sat at Books-a-Million, to ponder for a while I believe.  I know Jerry’s death will have a significant effect on him.

Next, to Home Depot—-nothing much there, just looking for a washer/dryer.

In spite of the sadness, we had a nice time and I’m a little closer to back to school readiness than before.

Next trip:  same deal—Kid #1.   



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  1. KV August 1, 2007 at 1:18 am #

    Sounds like a productive and suprisingly enjoyable day (except for the bad news…which is actually good news…no more suffering…no more sickness…just eternal life with our Precious Savior).

    Red Lobster…YUMMY!!! I love those buscits!!!

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