30 Jul

This weekend we visited my brother in Alabama.  It was a quick trip, just down there one day and home the next evening.  But there was a lot packed into this trip. 

We started out early Saturday morning and about 30 minutes down the road, got a call that hubbie’s dad was at ER.  We stopped for breakfast and waited to hear from hubbie’s brother as to the condition of the dad.  We didn’t want to turn around and come back if it was a false alarm, but at the same time, we didn’t want to continue if the situation were urgent.  Finally, we heard that they were going to keep him, but it seemed he would be fine.

So…..on we go. 

 Next stop…visiting two friends in the hospital at another city.  One there to have a heart cath done (we’ve already been through that one).   Jeff was in good spirits and we had too much fun for him to be in a hospital room—they were so backed up in the cath lab that they were still doing caths from the day before.  He was in hurry up and wait mode.  But we still had a good visit.

  The other friend was not so fortunate.  He was in ICU, with a tube in every possible place that I could tell.  He has been there for almost two months now.  Due to some type of infection acquired while at the hospital, hubbie had to suit up in order to go in and see him.  He was not hardly as sedated as he had been and he opened his eyes and responded when hubbie went in.  I pray that God will move miraculously on Jerry’s behalf. 

So….next we were on to Alabama and arrived there late afternoon. 

 Brother was gone to take his flight lesson.  Yes, he is in flying school.  At 4:30 he was supposed to fly over the house.  So, we waiting outside and watched.  It was REALLY cool.  He circled the house several times and once flew way down almost to the top of the house.  Darn it!  Camera batteries quit on me or I would have a photo to post.  Kid #1 was supposed to go up with him if we had gotten there in time.  Thank God we didn’t!  (Hubbie didn’t see any problem with this—-can anyone say “INSANE”).

Nevertheless it was fun to watch.   Now, for the picture below:

These little barn swallows had built a nest in the light fixture on SIL’s front portch.  They were so cute.  Little tiny things, just watching and waiting for the time to come for their first flight.  They looked as though they were full grown and ready to go, but they weren’t yet.  The moma (or maybe papa) bird had not yet given them the okay, so they were just watching and waiting.

It made me think of all the times in my life that I thought I was ready for a particular thing, but wasn’t.  I didn’t listen to the wisdom of those who knew, or even to the wisdom of HIM who knew and I stepped out on my own strength (in my own foolish wisdom) and fell flat on my face, just like these little birds would if they jumped out of the nest too soon.   

Okay,  now that’s a cool observation on its own, but here’s the lincher………the scripture tells us that our enemy prowls about like a roaring lion seeking those he can devour.   These little birds would not only have fallen flat on their little bird faces if they had jumped out too soon, but it is a sure thing that my SIL’s cats would have been there in a heart beat to pounce on them—-to devour.  

So…..the lesson, right in front of me, was that God doesn’t keep us  “in the nest” until we are ready to fly, JUST because He knows we can’t yet, He also does it because He knows that when we fall (and we are going to if we jump out before His time) then there is one (who prowls about like a roaring lion, ready and poised to steal, kill and destroy. 

So, as athe time as come for my little bird to take his first flight (I can hardly even type that ), my question is this.  Does the mama bird feel as anxious and nervous as I do?  Does she question herself, does she ask if she has prepared the little bird to be able to fly alone?  Does she wonder if once the little bird flies out of sight, will he fall and be devoured?  No…..I don’t believe she does.  She is not capable of that kind of doubt and fear, she just does what she knows to do and leaves the rest to God (and she doesn’t even know shes is doing this) 


 The only thing I do know is that my little bird is about to take his first flight and he is excited about it and I can’t ruin that for him, no matter what.  I HAVE to trust and know that HIS eyes always on my little sparrow (chuckle here at what AJ would say if her heard me call him a sparrow)      So…..I’m listening to Nichole Mullins sing “When I Call on Jesus) quite a bit and am reminding myself that  “HE will move heaven and earth to come rescue me (or Kid #1) when I call”.

Reminder  here for me:  Do not assume through my own insuffient wisdom that I know when I am ready to do something, but watch and wait (isn’t it odd how many times scripture uses the word wait?  hummm)  until the Father gives me the okay to take off, then, with God all things are possible, we WILL mount on wings like eagles and soar!  We will run and NOT grow weary and we will not be devoured.

So, enough of that for now.  (wipe tears, pull up my britches and act like a big girl)

 Next,  we went to dinner, shopping and back home.  Sunday we cooked fish my brother caught deep sea fishing this summer.  Then, time to return………….and now Monday. 🙂

Hope you all had a good weekend and I look forward to seeing you.  Hope I didn’t sound too rambly today.  Praying for each of you as our younguns head back to school    🙂

Love you



2 Responses to “FIRST FLIGHT”

  1. Susan July 30, 2007 at 9:35 pm #

    Thanks for the wonderful analogy CJ! I have had those same thoughts…..have I taught her everything she needs to know as she takes that first step out of the nest? Those of us with children leaving for college in a few weeks need to get together and pray for one another before college starts! SP

  2. n1accord July 30, 2007 at 10:00 pm #

    Susan: I think it would be a WONDERFUL idea for us moms to have a prayer time before school starts. Let’s try to plan a time for that. I bet Brenda would be interested in that and maybe others.

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