Saturday…………yard day!

9 Jun

Earlier this week I warned my guys that Saturday would be a day of labor.  The yard had been neglected and I still have more planting to do.  So……here I am up and going.  Made one trip to Wal*Mart already………have weeded ALL the front of the house, swept the front porch…… working on the back.  I have one corner of the rose garder to finish……and I am doing it ALL BY MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!   That’s right.  Those little bums managed to get out of it again and guess who their accomplice is this time………..That’s right…’s GRANDMA!!!! 

In reality though, Nicholas needed to go shopping and I couldn’t figure out how I would take him AND get this work done.  He got the letter stating the dress code for the summer program he’s in.  Get this!  My little radical, skatboarding, unshaven (scruffy thing on chin is about all), nothing but jeans and t-shirt guy is going to have to wear dress clothes all summer………..REVENGE!  Life is good.  All those times he wore things that made me cringe.  PAY BACK IS SWEET…….and this time it’s not MY fault.   He’s actually out there some where shopping for oxford cloth, button-down collar shirts.  It makes me smile (you know, that little evil smile you get when you are enjoying something too much) Anyway, Grandma has the dubious task of taking a 16-year old hippie style boy to buy clothing to look professional at this intern program.  May God’s grace be sufficient.

Actually, I guess I got the better end of the deal after all!!!

Love to you all,



2 Responses to “Saturday…………yard day!”

  1. Susan June 9, 2007 at 7:07 pm #

    CJ….you are exactly right! You did get the better end of the deal. I would much rather be weeding than shopping with teenagers!!!!!! I’ve been at work all day but getting ready to head our of here and do some yard work myself. It’s a beautiful day!!! SP

  2. KV June 9, 2007 at 7:55 pm #

    I hope you take lots of picutres with him all “dudded up”. I take it you are feeling better since you are being a little yard bug today. I took the girls down to mom’s to swim for a while and later we are going to the Brown’s and then to the G’ville pool to swim some more (from 7-9). They will be exhausted!!! I’m sure I will have a time getting them up in the morning in order for us to be at church by 7 am. This is my week for praise team and hubby is working. Anyway…have a great afternoon!!!

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