The morning after…..

8 Jun

Well, after a good day yesterday and a really good small group time last night, I feel like #$*&.  This is the day I am on Med A and this is the one that makes me feel like #&$*.  Thankfully there is a limited number of these left.  So……we keep moving on.   Don’t want to be a whiney butt—right Kelly.

My guys were home when I get there last night.  My Andrew is officially a college student.  Class schedule done and books even ordered so that when gets there all he has to do is pick up the box with his name on it.  The only thing left, (besides paying the big bucks) is to get his dorm assignment.  EEEEEKKKkkkkkkkk!  This is beginning to feel like its really going to happen.  Oh my!!!  I hyperventilate if I think about it too much.  But, God’s grace is sufficient—even for moms sending firstborn children off to college. 

Just a reminder to continue to ponder the things we discussed last night and remember to encourage one another.  Hope you are all having a better morning than I am so far.

Love you all



One Response to “The morning after…..”

  1. KV June 8, 2007 at 5:18 pm #

    Hang in there CJ…you will feel better soon. Thanks to all for a great meeting last night…I really needed it. I missed everyone who wasn’t there and look forward to the next time it works out for us all to be together. I’m not feeling well today either…I think it’s the weather…good day to take a nap!!!

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