18 May

(That is one of G’s famous sayings)…Anyway, someone please tell me this is a bad joke…she has chicken pox!!!  What?!?!?!  I thought we had escaped that whole thing.  At least it waited until school was out…but…we are supposed to leave a week from tomorrow, on a plane for Florida.  What if she isn’t over it and what if big sis gets it????  Both of them had the vaccine but of course it is not 100% effective.  The wonderful Dr. B told me that she CAN’T be around people until all the spots had crusted over.  So, that means no picnic at Susan’s tomorrow, no church Sunday, no going to mom’s for lunch on Sunday because my nephews will be there.  We are stuck in the house…my sis-in-law didn’t even want M to go to mom’s today because the boys would be there and what if she was already infected (can’t say that I blame her)…M just doesn’t understand why she can’t go to Grammy’s house…I’M NOT SICK!!! she said.   Hubby has to work this weekend so I am sure I will be ready to pull my hair out by the time this is all over.  I am going to stop typing now because I think  I am bordering on the edge of whining.  Love to all….KV


One Response to “HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!”

  1. n1accord May 18, 2007 at 9:15 pm #

    I can’t believe it either. Hopefully if they were vaccinated, the case will be mild and brief. Don’t lose hope. Pray for God to heal (remember, He knew she would get this before you did). God is NOT shortsighted and He has a plan for even this. Place it in His hands and trust. Take this opportunity to get into her heart—-there will always be another picnic, another dinner at moms, etc. The opportunities with your child are fleeting. I love you and believe that your vacation will proceed as planned (theres no guarantee that M will get the pox). Will try to call later.

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