Weird weekend, weird Monday, good lessons

27 Mar

Have you ever been traveling down the interstate of life, just enjoying the scenery, thinking life is good and all of a sudden you find yourself on a backroad in Weirdville?  How in the world did you get there and why?  Who read the map wrong. Or is this even the right map—like I’m on my way to Mexico and I just noticed this is the map to Canada.  Am I having an “out of body” experience and I’ve popped into somebody else’s body and life.  This is the past few weeks for us—actually, more like this is 2007 for us.  I find myself looking around—-no this doesn’t look like the inside of a whale, so maybe I’m not TOTAL rebellion.  I don’t think I am running from God, because I really don’t have the energy to do any running.  As far as Satan goes, he really hasn’t even had to try hard.  I’ve been sort of in “tell me anything I’ll believe it” gear.  This past weekend was the peak of my trip to Weirdville.  Friday, hubbie and I had a nice trip to lakeside restaurant where I had wonderful fish.  Drove around the lake—nice evening.  Saturday, worked and life proceeded as usual—–met friends at a steak place and then went to candlelight worship service.  Things started going bad when I realized the jeans I was wearing were too tight–greatly uncomfortable–worse after dinner (how could I not have noticed that before I left the house?).  Stomach hurt all through service.  Unbuttoned and unzipped for the ride home.  Got home–took a bath—went to bed—went to sleep.   Now for the weird part!  I woke up sometime in the wee hours, hotter than %$#*, queasy feeling and somewhat dizzy.  Got up, cold washcloth, couldn’t cool down.  Panic hits!  Pulse felt fast, heartbeat felt fast, felt like I was loosing it (don’t even know for sure what I was loosing, but it was definitely going).  Woke hubby up and said, “I need you up with me”.  He gets blood pressure thingy out and took BP and pulse.  I was totally normal!!!!  I actually had to go outside, in pjs, with hubby, in the yard until I could cool off.  Then the volcano of emotions come.  Now I’m crying, in pjs, in the yard, in the middle of the night.  Weirdville!!!!  Sunday, more of the same.  Sitting in church Sunday night, almost couldn’t contain myself from doing the same.  Well-intentioned mom says maybe its “THE CHANGE”.  Then, maybe its gallbladder (sounds so middle-age).  I can’t be going through “THE CHANGE”.  My kids aren’t even out of high school yet and you just don’t do that until you’re at least a grandmother.  Besides, I’m the one in the office who ran the heat all winter, even when it wasn’t cold.  …anyway, I got home, bath and bed—uneventful evening, at least for me.  Hubby’s night not so good,  he was up from about 4am on and went home very early today and got in bed.  Thankfully, he is feeling better tonight.  Now for the icing on the cake of my day!!!!! 

I discovered termites in my laundry room!!!!!!!  TERMITES!!!!!!!!   LORD!!!!!!! What else?!?  sO………lest I go completely down the road to no return……here’s the confession of my faith–

1.  I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me (even deal with menopause and termites.)

2. I am MORE than a conqueror in Christ.

3.  God has NOT given me a spirit of fear, but of POWER, love and a SOUND MIND!!!! (I’ll be claiming that one a lot)

4.  The promises of God are yea and amen! (meaning this too shall pass).

 Tonight we came home and listened to an awesome video by TD Jakes called “Living with Restrictions”. WOW!!!  Much food for thought.  Now to bed and start again tomorrow—so no matter what—blessed be HIS name!!!!!!



3 Responses to “Weird weekend, weird Monday, good lessons”

  1. SC March 27, 2007 at 12:32 pm #

    Oh sweetie! What a weekend.

    You will get through this victoriously. I have a feeling that you guys are just going through all of the difficult stuff first thing this year so that you can realy enjoy the last half of the year. 😉

  2. KV March 27, 2007 at 12:33 pm #

    WOW…flooded bedroom, wood bees eating front door and now termites. Which one of you is calling the Orkin man today??? All of those on top of health problems, family deaths, TAX SEASON and all of the day to day…I can see where you would get down and out; however, just like you would tell me, chin up girlfriend!!! Cling to God’s promises…say them outloud. This too shall pass. Love ya!!!

  3. KT March 27, 2007 at 9:58 pm #

    Something great is about to happen – why else would Satan be *%#% bent on bringing you down.

    But you have the last laugh- even through it all your last words are BlESSED BE HIS NAME. Just stop for a minute and take in all that has transpired. When you think you are sinking- look at where your mind set is (what’s left of it anyway-haha)-you are still praising God. What an awesome testimony to those around you.

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