Lesson Learned…

13 Mar

I learned a lesson in respect and humility last night.  Hubby and I spent the afternoon in O’boro and my mom picked the girls up for me.  She asked me if we would be home by 6:30 because she had something she needed to do.  I told her we would.  Well…6:20 we left O’boro and there was no way we could make it to her house.  I called her to tell her and she got very upset with me.  Of course, I got immediately defensive and talked very ugly to her…ended up making her cry.  She was gone when hubby and I got there and dad was watching the girls (for a total of 20 minutes).  Well…by the time we got home with the girls I was already feeling very very convicted to apologize to her.  I told hubby that I was going to have to call her this morning and do just that.  Well…my attitude toward her and my words and tone of voice was rotten and God pretty much told me that if I wanted to sleep at all last night that I had to call and apologize right then.  So, 9:00 I called…gave a truly heartfelt apology…told her I was first of all sorry for not being home when I said I would be and second of all I was sorry for the way I talked to her…I was totally disrespectful and was deeply sorry.  I told her I knew she had been down because of losing her brother and brother-in-law within the past 2 weeks and that I should have been more sensitive to the way she was feeling.  So, I made her cry again…except it was a good cry this time.  That 5 minute conversation of me “getting myself out of the way” and truly focusing on the fact that I hurt her meant the world to her and was completely covered by God.   “Honor thy father and mother”…that is what God taught me last night and also…you are never too old to apologize to your parents.  Love to all…KV


One Response to “Lesson Learned…”

  1. Cindy Johnson March 13, 2007 at 6:20 pm #

    You are just the most precious thing! What a tender, obedient heart. I know that God was truly honored and He made something beautiful out of those
    ashes. I can only imagine how your Mom must have felt after that conversation. I trust you slept well after allowing God to give you a clean heart!!!!!

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